Sometimes you meet the right person at the right time, and I’ve met Chungmei exactly at such a moment in my life. Our greatest strengths can turn into our weaknesses sometimes, and as a fellow HSP Chungmei has helped me shift the perspective on this and other things back to a forward-looking and positive outlook. She is an amazing coach and listener, and is outstanding in distilling large amounts of information and brings the conversation to its essence and to what it is that actually matters. ~ Eva-Maria Rumpfhuber

Chungmei is an enthusiastic, honest and inspiring coach. She is also very emphatic and a good listener. She knows how to get to the points that matter. I had the pleasure and luck to meet her in 2014 as the leader of a workshop in dealing with negative emotions. A few months back we started with rebirthing technique. With this technique the life energy flows freely and my body can do what it is designed for: to heal myself. It opens up my breathing. Old blockages and negative emotional problems are freed from my body. Chungmei guides this process in a way that makes me feel safe to open up. As a coach Chungmei earns my high recommendation. ~ Roos van Plateringen 

I started working with Chungmei, or rather, she with me, in the Fall of 2009. Through a series of dialogues and exercises she managed to get me focused on what is really important to me. Her personal style, the ‘asking-difficult-questions-with-a-smile’ inspired me to take action on what I really wanted to accomplish. ~ Maarten Thissen

Chungmei is an inspired, inspiring, and honest coach. She really helps you making a new start. She asks all the right questions, holding up the mirror to you. Last year, I also attended a workshop that was very well organised. Chungmei is an enthusiastic workshop leader and she helps you to feel comfortable in a new group. ~ Iris Korver

Chungmei is a great coach, no doubt about it! I don’t know how she did it, nor did I see it coming but… she really turns things around, without completely turning your life over. That’s a hudge quality! This way she manages to help you change something basic in your system, but keeping the structure of your life the way it is. Helping you to get closer to your own core, instead of needing to be someone new or else… (never a good idea ;-)) For the rest she’s really nice, funny, honest, smart & sexy. (AND a mum!!!) ~ Michael Driebeek van der Ven